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“Tickets, money, passports” you scream as the taxi sits on the road honking like an angry goose in heat. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s holiday season and this year we’re going to talk you through what to pack, how to pack it and if you manage not to miss your flight, how to wear it.

Disclosure: This article is based on the assumption that you’re heading into the sun, not out of it. If for some peculiar reason you’ve had enough of summer and have decided to head to the southern hemisphere, then kindly replace all mention of Linen’s with cottons and all sunshine with rain. But now, let’s begin!

Without Prejudice Menswear


Nope sorry, try again. Tip that suitcase over and start again because the only pieces you’re bringing on holiday are the colourful. Break out the vibrant blue and red blazers, the green and red chinos and the bright pink briefs. This year is the summer of love and you need ensure that every local from your chosen destination knows it, which means bold, bright colours and light comfortable clothing. Linen is definitely the fabric of choice here as its light breathable fabric will keep you cool and stop you from sweating too much.

Got that? Ok, now you need to learn how to cleverly pack for maximum outfit variation (for the sake of this article, we’ll call it M.O.V.). The trick to MOV is simple: bring a suit that that looks great on you when you’re wearing only the trousers or the jacket and bring a blazer that looks great with your suit trousers. Bring a pair of chinos that look great with your chosen shirts, blazer and suit. See what’s happening here? That’s six different looks right there! Suit with shirt, suit trousers with shirt, suit trousers with shirt and blazer, chino’s with shirt, chino’s with shirt and suit jacket and chinos with shirt and blazer.

Beach_pano (1280x1279)


Take a seat, this is where things can get a little complicated. We’re going to give you two ways to tackle this, each as practical as the other and both wielding the same result, a clean, crease-free outfit. Option number one is the more popular of the two, but can be a real hassle. This is carrying your suit as carry-on luggage, if it be train, bus or plane. If you do go for this option then ensure that your suit is placed neatly in a sturdy suit bag and zipped up all the way to the top. Be sure to bring along a decent suit brush too!

The second option is more hassle free but perhaps a little risky. For many years man has tried to find a way to fold his suit without creasing or damaging it and it seems it can be done, proven by this website and this video . Personally we recommend and endorse the video, as experience has proven that this is by far the most effective method, however turning your suit jacket inside out is similarly a clever way to avoid creasing or dirtying jackets.


So you’ve made it to your holiday destination and low and behold you pull out your chosen suit and blazer and both are still in good nick – well done. But what’s the point of all that work if you’re not going to wear it and be the most stylist tourist strutting the streets?

There is only one tip we can give you here which is simple: there’s two ways to wearing every garment, the smart way or the casual. You are of course taking the casual route, which means it’s time to unbutton those top two buttons (one button for a casual day at the office, two for holidays gentlemen – let those hairy chests free!). If you’re wearing a shirt, roll up the sleeves. If you’re wearing a jacket, guess what? Roll up the sleeves! Wearing chinos? A short double roll at the bottom will do. Be sure to make it look relaxed, but watch it doesn’t come off looking sloppy.

And that gentlemen is all there is to it! Now get out there and enjoy yourselves, but this time do it in style.